Expertise & Approach

The Experience of the team at SJI embraces over 500 sustainable and successful developments in the UK. SJI has contributed to over 70 developments since 1993 with a Gross Development Value of over £5bn.

The approach of SJI is to understand each development opportunity within the context of the key stakeholders and to work with the stakeholders to create viable, sustainable and attractive solutions.

Key Stakeholders include:

  1. Promoters and backers, landowners, operators and occupiers;
  2. Elected representatives, local, regional and national government and public sector bodies;
  3. Conservation, local, regional and national Interest groups
  4. Individuals, families and local communities.

SJI recognise the need to understand the different views, needs and objectives which may not all coincide. There is a need to communicate and discuss with each stakeholder, strategies which can work for all parties.

It can take time and effort to achieve due to different needs and agendas of the key stakeholders but essential to the success of proposed developments. It does mean plain speaking should be encouraged as an important process. Consultation for SJI has brought a considerable amount of benefits for improving and enabling sustainable and beneficial developments to be delivered on time and budget.

Most developments have unexpected challenges on the way. Part of the development management process of SJI is to continually review and re-examine the proposals in the light of experience and interaction with the stakeholders. As part of the review process, risk management is a key element. There is recognition that complexity and uncertainty challenges need to be carefully managed to deliver successful developments.