SJI has considerable experience working on a wide range of major sustainable mixed use developments, several of which have gained awards.


Bath Press, Bath

Retail, Housing, Workspace, Museum
GDV £70m

Bedworth Town Centre

Retail, Public Realm, Transportation
GDV £27m

Bexleyheath Town Centre

Retail, Civic, Public Realm, Housing
GDV £67m

Borehamwood - The Meadows

GDV £18mn

Brentwood Town Centre

Retail, Tranportation, Public Realm
GDV £60m

Brighton London Road Centre

Retail; Housing: Workspace: Civic

GDV £150mn

Burnt Oak Town Centre

Residential: Leisure: Retail: Workspace
GDV £250mn

Chislehurst - Library

Housing: Library
GDV £17mn

Crawley Town Centre

Retail: Leisure: Public Realm
GDV £60mn

Crouch End

Residential: Workspace
GDV £50mn

Crowborough Town Centre

Retail: Housing: Pulic Realm
GDV £45m

Dartford Town Centre

Retail: Housing: Public Realm
GDV £190m

Ealing Broadway Town Centre

Retail: Housing: Leisure: Public Realm
GDV £625m

Edgware Town Centre

Housing: Retail: Leisure: Transport
GDV £1,726mn


Housing: Riverside Park; Workspace
GDV £41mn

Farnborough-The Crescent

Housing; Pocket Park
GDV £74mn


Retail: Civic: Public Realm
GDV £45mn

Hailsham Town Centre

Retail: Education: Transport:
GDV £24m

Hammersmith Civic Centre

Retail: Public Realm: Civic: Housing
GDV £75mn

Haywards Heath Town Centre

Retail: Public Realm: Housing
GDV £75mn

Hounslow Town Centre

Retail: Housing: Buses: Public Realm
GDV £140mn

Ilford Town Centre

Housing: Medical
GDV £60m

Kingston Canbury Park

Housing: Leisure: Workspace
GDV £275mn

Kingston Coombe Road

GDV £10mn

Kingston Fairfield

Housing: Education: Leisure: Civic
GDV £380mn

Kingston Eden Quarter

Retail: Leisure: Housing: Public Realm
GDV £600mn

Midsomer Norton Town Centre

Retail: Housing: Pulic Realm
GDV £40m

New Barnet - Albert Road

Housing: Sport: Park: Retail GDV £300mn

New Malden Town Centre

Retail: Housing: Public Realm
GDV £190mn

Norwich Chapelfield Centre

Retail: Leisure: Public Realm
GDV £250mn

Nuneaton Town Centre

Housing: Retail: Leisure: Public Realm
GDV £67mn

Poole-Station Site

Housing; Retail; Transport
GDV £225mn

Purley-Town Centre

Leisure: Public Realm: Housing;
GDV £175mn

Sittingbourne Town Centre

Retail:Leisure:Workspace:Sport GDV £550mn

Southampton-City Centre

Housing; Workspace; Leisure;
GDV £380mn

Stratford Westfield

GDV £80mn

Strood-Council Offices

Housing: Retail; Public Realm; Leisure

GDV £130mn

Tolworth-Ewell Road

Housing: Retail

GDV £22mn

Tolworth-Tolworth Tower

Housing: Leisure: Workspace; Retail
GDV £360mn

Uckfield Town Centre

Retail:Education:Sport:Public Realm GDV £43mn

Whetstone Barnet House

Housing: Civic: Retail: Leisure
GDV £65mn


Housing: Retail: Workspace

GDV £250mn

Woolwich Riverside House

Housing: Workspace
GDV £85mn

Woolwich Town Centre

Retail:Housing:Civic:Public Realm

GDV £225mn