SJI was established in 1993 to create, invigorate and regenerate town and urban centres.

SJI work in partnership with local communities to deliver quality designed environments to help invigorate and regenerate town and urban centres. It is through this that truly sustainable environments can be created which are fit for purpose and contribute positively to the communities they serve.

The team at SJI have delivered over 10 million square feet of successful development tto strengthen town and urban centres and their local communities.


To identify, consult and listen to stakeholders, engage in true debate which enhances development


To be reliable in delivering quality developments with a determination to overcome challenges in an open and honest way


To be perceptive, innovative and to see beyond the obvious embracing a holistic and strategic approach to address the diverse needs of stakeholders


To be personal and human-driven to create developments which celebrate shared values of individual communities-civilisation

Our philosophy is to be passionate about strengthening local communities through thoughtful development. The team at SJI have considerable experience and success in this approach. Our experience has shown us that successful partnerships with stakeholders create successful developments.

Christopher Borkowski


SJI is led by the inspirational Christopher Borkowski who founded the Company in 1993 after serving as Property and Development Director for a number of Footsie  companies with over 500 developments around the UK  under his stewardship.

Christopher was brought up and educated in London. He graduated from the London School of Economics, where he had the privilege of rowing for the University, and was Chair and President of a number of clubs and societies.

These experiences set him on a route to be highly committed to public and charitable organisations of which he has been a Chair, Director, Trustee and Governor. He became one of the youngest Chairs of a London Borough Planning Committee.

He is happily married with a young daughter where she is brought up to enjoy regular visits to art exhibitions, opera, ballet and loves to ski, swim and sail with her father.